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We are creating smart humans for the future.

Almost a decade ago a small group of people from industry and government, organised a series of conferences in Canberra which sought to bring various communities together to talk about the emerging issues related to humans and technologies (see metalounge).

At the same time a group of luminaries from the Web world were creating Web Science and in the intervening period Web Science has gone on to contribute greatly to the global conversation around the evolving Social Machine (see 10th anniversary video below).

We have now created Web Science Australia it is time to formally launch Web Science in Australia with an event which seeks to bring incisive minds together with people passionate to address many of the key socio-technological questions facing modern society through having some brave, raw and hopefully honest conversations.

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This is not an academic conference, and there will be no formal published presentations or papers. Our aim is to draw together people from academia, government, business, the media and the third sector to address some of the profound issues that are arising as human life becomes progressively entwined with the internet and the Web.

We want to encourage debate, critical thinking, creative design and social awareness.

We want to push the boundaries in terms of thinking about the World and the Web and our focus is on helping to develop “smart humans” for the digital age.

Organising Committee

Lisa Baldwin, Fuji Xerox

Leanne Fry, AUSTRAC

Professor Susan Halford, Web Science Institute, University of Southampton

Terry Hanisch, Digital Transformation Agency

Chris Monk, Decoded

Anni Rowland-Campbell, Intersticia

Dr Ramine Tinati, New Frontiers Fellow at University of Southampton

Pia Waugh, AUSTRAC

Michele Berkhout, Corporate Solutions

Bel Campbell, Creative Director

Paul Strahl & Tech Alchemy, Technical Director


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